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Warp 9 Titanium Titanium Chassis Bolt Kit

by Warp9
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Warp 9 has brought to Market replacement bolts for almost every aspect of your favorite E-bike, many of us know the pains of the stock low quality bolts bending or stripping out on the first removal of it. The permanent replacement is here. 

This is a very delightful upgrade for everyone that works on these bikes! Plus the added benefits of stronger threads and the proper thread lock make this a very simple upgrade.


  • Threads are rolled nut cut to ensure proper torque specs and a stronger bolt
  • Burnt Blue Anodized finish
  • Does not rust or corrode like steel bolts
  • Includes blue thread lock
  • Reduced weight and added strength compared to OEM hardware


  • Key switch cover
  • Subframe plastic cover
  • Headlight to bracket
  • Subframe bolts
  • Footpeg brackets,
  • Footpeg pivot pins,
  • OEM brake master cylinder pinch bolts,
  • Brake caliper bolts
  • Motor bolts, upper frame bolts by horn
  • Kickstand pivot bolt
  • Skid plate bolts
  • Rear inner fender bolt and nut
  • Chain guard cone bolts
  • Battery cover pivot pins with clips
  • Headlight bracket to triple clamp
  • Speed controller bolts (OEM Controller)
  • Throttle tube bolts
  • Frame to battery tray bolts


Sur Ron LBX

Segway X260

Segway X160