Congratulations on your purchase of your Surron eBike, your machine is designed to offer a high performance ride in all environments. Whilst engineered to be both durable and reliable, like any enduro machine correct maintenance and operator’s checks are essential to ensure optimum performance and to maintain your warranty support. Please read your operators booklet prior to use and ensure your dealer has explained fully all features of the bike. We always recommend that genuine Surron parts and accessories are used to comply with your warranty terms. 

Servicing should be carried out by an approved Surron dealer who has access to genuine parts and technical support. 

Service Intervals:

  • First Service: 185 Miles (300 KM) or 3 months*
  • Second Service: 620 miles (1000 KM) or 6 months* 
  • Third Service: 1240 Miles (2000 KM) or 12 months* 
  • Fourth Service: 1865 Miles (3000 KM) or 24 months*
  • Fifth Service: 5th  Service 2485 miles (4000 KM) or 36 months* 
  • Then every 12 Months or 620 Miles (1000 KM) - whichever comes first. 

How Long is the Limited Warranty Period?


Model Name Warranty Period

Light Bee X (Off-Road) 12 Months / Unlimited Mileage

Storm Bee N.A. (Competition) 12 Months / Unlimited Mileage

Ultra Bee T N.A. (Off-Road) 12 Months / Unlimited Mileage


* This model is a competition model with limited warranty.

What Is Covered by Limited Warranty?

The Limited Warranty extends to all repairs falling under the following four categories:


A) Manufacturing Defect

A manufacturing defect is one which can be traced back to the manufacturing process. These

are the only defects covered under the Limited Warranty. The defect may involve defective

materials, or it may be defective workmanship. The customer will be responsible for the cost of

repairs caused by customer abuse or misuse of the product. If a dealer has caused a problem

(including but not limited to through defective service work, improper storage, etc.), the cost of

repairing the unit becomes the dealer’s responsibility. Problems caused during transit (from

factory to your dealership) are not a manufacturing defect and so require the dealer to speak

with a Surron representative. If you have doubts that you can determine if the failure is

attributable to a manufacturing defect, you must contact Surron


B) Service Bulletin Campaigns

From time to time at its discretion Surron may require repairs through the dealer through Service

Bulletin Campaigns. Surron will inform the dealer whether each Service Bulletin Campaign is

under warranty. Some campaigns may have expiry dates. Accordingly, the dealer must consult

the service bulletin before making any claim to determine whether its claim must have been

submitted before the expiry date in the service bulletin.


C) Recall Campaign

From time to time at its discretion Surron may require a Recall Campaign for safety reasons.

Surron will initiate a Recall Campaign to notify owners that their units should be taken to the

dealer for repair. As a Surron dealer, you must participate in repairing, maintaining, or otherwise

servicing products subject to the Recall Campaigns. In addition, you must make every effort to

contact customers to whom you have sold a recalled product and ask them to bring their product

in so that the necessary repairs can be performed. All Recall Campaigns must be completed

on all products prior to customer delivery; this applies to new products and used products

brought in for service or maintenance.


D) Extended Warranty

Surron does not provide an extended warranty program. There are third-party companies who

can assist with extended warranty sales. Please refer to their extended warranty policies and

procedures. This information will be updated should this situation change.

What is Excluded from this Limited Warranty and what will VOID this Limited Warranty?

• Products that have been modified without recommendation and endorsement by Surron will be excluded from warranty.

• Damage caused by improper or abusive use is excluded from warranty.

• Any “wear and tear” parts or consumables that become unusable, including (but not limited to)

tires, tubes, brake pads, cables and lubricants are excluded from warranty.

• Due to storage in cold temperatures [refer to Owner’s Manual] being a main factor to battery

degradation, if the battery charge is allowed to fall below 60%, we reserve the right to, in our

sole discretion, exclude battery components from the warranty for any unit that has passed

through a winter period.

• There are specific warnings regarding charging the battery in cold temperatures contained in

the Owner’s Manual. Damage to the battery components caused by improper charging is

excluded from warranty.

• Submergeing the product(s) in water can damage expensive electrical components. Such

operation is considered improper use of the vehicle and will void the warranty.

• Damage arising from impact or other accidents while riding and damage arising from fire or theft

is excluded from warranty.

• Failures due to improper maintenance or lack of servicing are excluded from warranty.

Always wear a suitable helmet, eye protection and protective clothing. Surron encourage you to ride safely and respect fellow riders and the environment. Specifications and appearance of Surron products are subject to change without notice and may vary according to requirements and conditions. For further details, please consult your Surron dealer.


New Data Protection Privacy rules mean that you are in control of how we use your data. We hold information about our customers for the purpose of bike warranties and PDI registration. It is not used for any other purpose and is not shared or sold to any third party, unless there is a legal obligation to do so. Information is held on password protected closed network devices and only retained on regular customers. Personal information can be deleted on request.