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Surron? Segway? Which one do I go with?

The Segway X160 and X260 electric bikes were previously manufactured by Surron, but they are no longer in production. The Surron Light Bee X corresponds to the Segway X260, while the Surron Light Bee S corresponds to the Segway X160. However, the Surron Light Bee S is not sold in the United States. It may be difficult to find new Segway electric bikes, and if they are found, they may be expensive and have a poor Bluetooth app that can cause issues with the bike.

The Surron Light Bee X has been available in the United States since 2017 or 2018, and has both a primary belt and secondary chain. It requires minimal maintenance, only needing the primary and secondary tension to be adjusted occasionally. The speed is limited to either 13 mph or 28 mph, but can be easily increased by snipping a green wire under the battery lid.

Furthermore, the Surron has been out for several years and has a wide range of aftermarket upgrades available for pretty much every component on the bike.

We carry Surron bikes and typically have them in stock, and ship nationwide. So, whether you're in New Jersey, Kentucky, California or anywhere else in the country, you can get your hands on one of these bad boys in 2-8 days from their warehouse in Jacksonville, Florida. Just don't blame us if you get a speeding ticket on your way to getting groceries.

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