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YuJet SurferXT Complete Package

by YuJet
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The YuJet Surfer XT Electric Jetboard

Jet Around

Introducing a more durable and yet still powerful electric jetboard...the YuJet Surfer XT!

Get out on the water with speeds up to 24 MPH on this Roto mold board that's ready for all you or your kids can throw at it.






Pass on the gas, this thing is fully electric!

The YuJet Surfer XT is made with full carbon fiber construction throughout and has up to a 40-min ride time @ a top speed of 24MPH!

Included in box:

1 YuJet Surfer XT Board
1 36mAh Lithium Ion Battery
1 Intelligent Battery Charger
1 Wireless Remote Control
1 Wireless Remote Control Charger
1 Set of Fins (4 Fins)
1 Safety Magnet
1 Leash
4 Handles on Board
Quick Start Guide
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