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Warp 9 Titanium Brake Rotor Bolts

by Warp9
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Upgrade Your Bike with Titanium Rotor Bolts Take your bike from good to great with these high-quality, super lightweight titanium rotor bolts in burnt blue finish. S-TIFROTOR-B - Front Rotor Bolt Kit
  • This kit includes 6 titanium bolts measuring 5x12mm.
  • Threads are rolled for proper torque specs and increased strength.
  • Resistant to rust and corrosion unlike steel bolts.
  • Torx Drive T25 for secure fastening and durability.
  • Comes with blue thread lock for added security.
S-TIRROTOR-B - Rear Rotor Bolt Kit
  • Enhance the rear of your bike with these burnt blue anodized titanium bolts.
  • Includes 6 titanium bolts sized 6x13mm.
  • Threads are rolled for optimal torque specs and bolt strength.
  • Withstands rust and corrosion for long-lasting performance.
  • Torx Drive T25 design prevents stripping compared to Allen head bolts.
  • Comes with blue thread lock for peace of mind.
Titanium Boost Spacer Front Rotor Bolts
  • Elevate your bike's style and performance with these burnt blue titanium rotor bolts.
  • Extended length to accommodate 5mm thick boost spacers.
  • Each pack includes 6 bolts with blue thread lock for a secure fit.
  • Measuring M5 x 16mm, featuring Torx T25 heads for easy installation.
  • Compatible with all front hubs, including OEM and Warp 9.
  • Designed to work with bikes like Talaria, Surron, and boost fork models like Fox 40, Manitou Dorado, and more.