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Dunlop MX34 Geomax Tire Soft/Intermediate Terrain Tire

by Dunlop
SKU WP873-0784
Original price $72.95 - Original price $151.95
Original price
$72.95 - $151.95
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Dunlop Geomax MX34 Tire 

Please see sizing options below for your correct application! 

Note: Most Dunlop MX34 Tires are for bikes with upgraded 21/18" and 19/16" wheel sets only! Aside from the 70/100x19 tire size, these will not fit stock Surron or Talaria wheel sets. For upgraded wheel sets only.

Rear Tires

  • Size 90/100-18 is the smallest 18 inch rear tire we offer and is the only 18 inch rear tire that will fit a Surron Light Bee X swingarm.
  • Size 100/100-18 will only fit the Surron Ultra Bee with upgraded 21/18 wheel combo.
  • Size 90/100-16 will fit a Surron Light Bee X with upgraded 19/16 wheel combo.


Front Tires

  • Size 70/100x19 will fit stock Surron wheels or wheels with upgraded 19/16 wheel combo.
  • Size 70/100-21 is the narrowest 21 inch front tire size.
  • Size 80/100x21 is a standard 21 inch front tire size.  



Whether you’re competing professionally or hitting the trails on the weekends, you can trust the MX34 to provide the stability and control you need to perform at your best.

  • Carcass material improves damping and absorption which maintains performance up to 30% longer.
  • PCBT (Progressive Cornering Block Technology) improves grip while cornering and enhances feel and absorption.
  • Rear pattern with 11% taller and 44% wider center block for increased traction and control.
  • Rubber compound increases traction while maintaining durability.
  • Features advanced mud evacuation technology that keeps you in control even in the muddiest of conditions.
  • Works great in soft terrain and loamy soil.