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Chi Battery Systems 84V Variable Charger

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Variable Rapid Charger for 72V batteries


  • 72V Gladiator Battery Upgrades (72 Max, 72 Compact, 72 Touring)
  • 72 Titan Battery Upgrades (72 Max, 72 Touring)
  • Onyx RCR 
  • Rebel Battery Upgrades (Max and Touring)

Revolutionary solution for your charging needs! Our Variable Rapid Charger provides you a tremendous amount of flexibility in one simple package. Need a lightning-quick charge while you’re out on the town? Turn it up to get the juice you need. Home for the night? Turn it down for a super healthy and slow charge.

  • 5 charging modes - 2 amp, 4 amp, 6 amp, 8 amp, and 10 amp
  • Set charge target - 80%, 90%, 100% 
  • Active Cooling, chargers faster than Surron stock fast charger, tried and tested, ground pin on outlet plug

How To Use: 

When charging: Plug into the outlet first, let the voltage on the charger settle, plug into device. 

*Fan will not turn on until plugged into the battery.

When done charging: Turn off charger. Unplug from the device first then the wall.