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Surron Ultra Bee Announced October 31st 2022

Surron, a prominent maker of high-performance electric motorcycles, has just launched the Surron Ultra Bee, their newest model. This cutting-edge electric bike is filled with features that distinguish it from the competition, making it a perfect option for commuters, explorers, and anybody searching for an efficient and dependable form of transportation.

The Ultra Bee is powered by a 74V 55AH battery, which allows it to go up to 60 miles on a single charge. This means that riders can face lengthy commutes, discover new terrain, or just enjoy a leisurely ride without fear of running out of juice. Furthermore, the bike has a high-performance 750W motor that can achieve peak speeds of 58 mph, making it suitable for thrill-seeking riders.

The Surron Ultra Bee's lightweight, but incredibly robust build is one of its most notable qualities. The frame of the bike is made of hydro-formed aluminum, which not only cuts weight but also delivers improved strength and stiffness. The bike also has top-of-the-line suspension, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride even on tough terrain.

The Surron Ultra Bee has a number of cutting-edge features that make it simple and straightforward to operate. The bike has a full-color LCD display that gives riders all the information they need to keep informed, such as speed, battery level, and more. Furthermore, the bike has simple controls, such as thumb throttles and brake levers, making it simple to handle the bike's speed and power.

The Surron Ultra Bee's sleek and attractive appearance is another noteworthy feature. The bike is finished in a black color scheme that radiates a sophisticated and elegant appearance. It also has LED lights in the front and back for increased visibility and safety when riding.

Surron has outdone themselves once again with the Surron Ultra Bee. This electric bike is ideal for anybody seeking a high-performance, efficient, and dependable way of transportation. With a slew of cutting-edge features, the Surron Ultra Bee is guaranteed to please riders of all skill levels.

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