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Nucular 24F controller kit w/Surron Segway Plug & Ride Kit w/Potting

by Nucular
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Nucular 24F Controller - On the stock Surron Segway battery, SinTech gives an additional ~2000 Watts, or 20-30% acceleration boost, as well as improved top speed and range. Features include reverse gear, powerful regenerative braking, and up to 3 customizable power profiles.

New 2.0 On-Board Computer


  • Fully programmable controller
  • Small size
  • 27 kW maximum power
  • Supports batteries up to 90V
  • Comes with Surron harness
  • Basic install instructions available
  • Plug-and-play mount kit for Surron

Features (extended):

  • Cheapest power, top speed, and range upgrade
  • Allows full customization by user. Tune power profiles manually or try recommended presets!
  • Plug-and-play kit - you can install it yourself!

Unique features:

  • User-friendly on-board computer interface
  • Powerful regen braking can be bound to brake sensors. Use only front brake to lock both wheels!
  • Activate reverse gear to easily get yourself out of tight spots!
  • Push the limits of regen braking - highest rate can lock the wheel at speed!
  • Learn more about your bike: track motor/controller temperature, amps and power in real time!
  • Gain full control: adjust throttle
  • All systems (lights, kickstand sensor, tilt sensor, throttle, key) will work

Maximum power: 27kw
Nominal power: 10kw
Voltage range: 20-90V
Phase, max: 500A
Battery, max: ~350A
Supply out: 12V 1A
Operating Temperature Range: -30°C to 80°C
Phase wires: 7AWG terminals
Battery wires: 8AWG XT150
Control modes: Square, sensorless, FOC, charger
Protection: Temperature and hardware overcurrent protection
Sleep current less: <300uA
Protection class: IP54
Size, without wires: 86х43х185 mm
Weight: 1300 g
Controller manufacturer: